Sunday, February 18, 2018

Two Tonne Bowlers - Mantifiluss (1994)

Very rare demo(?) from this Canadian band that I know nothing about. All tracks are uptempo 2 Tone inspired ska. No punk/distorted guitars.

1 Status
2 Styles
3 Luvin' in the Oven Train
4 Guys Like Us
5 Vassili Town
6 8's Enough
7 Fallopian Tube Fandango
8 Lion Tamer
9 untitled


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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Take 5 - demo tape (1998)

This band was from Lexington, Massachusetts and I know nothing about them. If they ever put out anything besides this cassette I'd like to know. This tape starts off weak with a cover of Eddie Floyd's "Knock on Wood" - don't get me wrong, they did a good job of it, but it's the least interesting song on the tape. Then it gets good, really good with a few original ska tunes and then they end with Baba Brooks' "Country Town". The sound is low quality and a bit hard to listen to but the talent is high quality and I hope these guys recorded more than this.

1 Knock on Wood
2 Hour Glass
3 El Sol
4 Mars Invasion
5 Country Town (The Mood)


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Sunday, February 4, 2018

The Turned Around Turtles

 The Turned Around Turtles were an unsung band from Germany that started in 1989. They put out 1 full length album in 1992 called "Ask" (an anagram for "Ska", obviously) with all tracks being sung in English. They were able to release a 2-song 7" in 1993 before breaking up with core members going on to form the band Frau Doktor.

This 7" rip is my own but the LP was graciously donated to us by Rude Rich.

 The Turned Around Turtles - Ask (1992) 
1 Rocksteady Beat
2 Hope My Friends
3 Betty
4 If You Wanna
5 K.K.K.
6 Live for Today
7 Popkings
8 Zummernight
9 A Little Bit of Soap
10 The Promise
11 One Drink Too Many
12 Fat Man
13 General Truth
14 Rude Boy Reggae

The Turned Around Turtles - De Working Monkey 7" (1993)
A - De Working Monkey
B - Bahama Drama

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¡Gracious Rude Rich!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Mighty Ballistics Hi-Power

Mighty Ballistics Hi-Power - also known as MB Hi-Power - was a British militant punk/dub band. Not reggae or ska as much as raw folk punk with a heavy dub element. They were very political and put on a great live show.

They only released two EPs in their career. This download includes both as well as some unreleased songs that were recorded live (that I nicked off of YouTube, I'll admit it).

Here Come the Blues (1985)
1  Here Come the Blues
2 4 Million on the Dole
3 No Justice for the Poor
4 Privilege
5 Franco's Fleet Street
6 New Face in Hell

Matchless Triple A EP (1986)
1 Ghost Train
2 Spring Heel Jack
3 Black Gold

Unreleased & Live Tracks
1 Black Gold (alt. version)
2 Woman of Straw
3 Under Pressure
4 Ambulance Chaser
5 Wordamouth
6 Gentlemen & Players
7 Teeth - Skin


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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Nutty Skanker - Definitely Rude (1997)

I posted Nutty Skanker's first album "Who Am I?" which was a cassette-only release from 1994. I mentioned in that post that they have one other album (this time on CD) but I was never able to find a copy of it. An alert Tone-andWaver named Jean-François had the album and decided to share it with us.

1 Sound System
2 Tribute to Kraftwerk
3 Gospel Skank
4 Life is Too Short
5 Smart Drinks
6 Atomic (Blondie)
7 Definitely Rude
8 Mexicanos
9 Naturally Born Black
10 Billy the Kid
11 Nutty Ragga Mix
12 Quadrophenia
13 Who Am I?
14 Les Cadavres
15 Dogs of War
16 All Right

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Thank you Jean-François!!

Monday, January 15, 2018

X-Legz - New (1983)

Very 80s sounding and very mellow. All ten tracks have a ska/reggae sound but each song is slower than the last. I'm a drinker, not a smoker, so I like things a little more hyper but I think you who appreciates the "powerful narcotic marijuana" will enjoy it.

This band was from Switzerland and they do have at least one other release - a 7" which has 2 songs that are not on the album. I do not have the 7" yet but it's in my wantlist. I'm in no hurry to buy it just yet. No hurry at all. Keepin' it mellow.

1 Fast Dogs
2 You'll be With Me
3 Because the Rain is Falling
4 A Bunch of Roses
5 Gagaf (Black Ivy)
6 Frankenstein's Bride
7 Sun, Wind and Music
8 Little Thieves Live Dangerous
9 Security
10 Sometimes



Reluctant Stereotypes

K & the Sauce Pan

va Stonehenge

Vital Disorders - Zombie

Ngobo Ngobo demos

Bette Bright

Deemus Mint

Local Operator

Heavy Manners - Say It 12"

I can't find Strange Tenants - Live at Pharoahs but I know I still have it somewhere. I'll re-post it as a proper post of its own when I find it.

Did I miss anything? Have you requested anything that hasn't been re-posted yet?

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Soft Touch - It's My Life 7" (1980)

This is being posted by request. It is not very known but there is a copy currently for sale on eBay (possibly the only time it's ever been on eBay) so my guess is that it was requested so people can hear what it sounds like before buying it.

It sounds like slower British mod/ska. The a-side is more rockin' but it has that punky-reggae sound and, no, it is not a cover of Talk Talk's song - this was released three years before theirs. The
b-side is the better of the two if you appreciate mellow punk-reggae with out of place synth.
There were lots of different bands with this same name but I'm not sure if these guys had any other releases.

A - It's My Life
B - The Sus Song


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Incidentally I will be selling my copy on eBay in the next few weeks along with a lot of other stuff.

Also, I have quite a few re-up requests that I plan on getting to next weekend. I apologize ahead of time if I don't get to it but I have a 4-day weekend and not much else to do. So, unless an airplane crashes into my house or I get abducted by aliens or something, next weekend is all about re-ups. I'll post at least one new thing too.